Donalry Trimlin

Trollary, not even in her final form

Trollary Clinton is the god prayed to by the Trolls, who is everything that Halamajama is not. She has all the powers of Halamajama, and they have clashed at least once, though it has only been told of in biblical tales.

This Isn't Even My Final Form

Trollary, final form x5

When she appears to the Trolls, she chooses to take the form of President Donald Trump with the face of Hillary Clinton. While it has never been shown to exist, it was rumored that she had a final form, one of Satan with the face of Hillary Clinton.

The Trolls have done everything in their power to help Trollary kill and take power from Halamajama, and the only force in their way is the Gnomes and the humans, even though the humans worship God or Allah or whatever.

However, not all Trolls worship Trollary. A sizable group known as sushi Trolls, as opposed to the Trollary-worshipping wooby-booby Trolls, worship Happy Pappy, who chooses to take the form of President Donald Trump with the face of President Barack Obama.

The two sects of Trolls fought a war at one point, outlined here.


Happy Pappy

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