The railway (in black)

The Trans-Juicemonian Railway was a railway that stretched across all of the contiguous CSJ. It went from the ports of Cathlos to the lower jungle territories, with a branch going off at Wowburg that went all the way to New Dilexico. It was built during the Gnomalian Industrial Era, sometime around 1850. Immigrants from CHINa were brought in to help build it, notably Karate, sidekick of Batfink.

The Railway served to increase Juicemony's economy, leading to Nortmaydia ordering their own railway, which would stretch across Northmaydia and branch down through Samsolaria, connecting to the Juicemon railway.

The railway was devastated during the Second Trollo-Gnomish War, leaving it useless during the war. However, it also backfired on the Trolls, as they could not use it to quickly travel into inner Juicemony. If they avoided crippling themselves, it is likely the Juicemons would've destroyed it themselves.