Juiceland and Brandonia had tension among their borders, following Brandonia's declaration of independence. The contested border soon led to a war between the two nations.


Map as of the Lotion Wars

The battles waged for many months, until Brandonia declared victory, occupying their claimed land in Juiceland. Maslandia demanded they withdraw, but once they refused, they invaded Brandonia. Once the war went to stalemate, Maslandia unveiled Lotion Gas, a slimy substance that would cause the skin to become very sticky and slippery, which prevented Brandonian soldiers from using weapons. Brandonia soon capitulated, withdrawing from Juiceland.

CHINa across the sea felt that this was un-Gnomalian, and cut off trade with Maslandia. In response, Maslandia sent soldiers to CHINa to force trade to open up again. Once landing, the soldiers were unable to penetrate the Great Wall of CHINa, and Maslandia unveiled the Lotion Bomb on CHINa's capital city. It was a genocide, the people and buildings were liquified and melted. CHINa reopened trade with Maslandia, and Maslandia lost much influence with the other empires.