In the early days of the Gnomes, Justin Mason and Chase had built their Handi-mart to attempt to collect funding for the Union. They did not have very much money, so when Justin and Mason suggested that they go to Pax East, Chase got very excited.

Not realizing that they weren't being serious, Chase was prepared to fly off to the convention with his Gnomish "Friends." Of course, Chase's real plan was to lead the two Gnomes into the convention where the Troll Army would be waiting to kill them.

The day before they were about to leave, Justin revealed that they were not going to Pax. Chase was very angry, as now he had no way to eliminate the Gnomes. He spent all night thinking, and soon he discovered dynamite in their chests.

In the wee hours of the morning, Chase put on Mason's special Pink armor and strapped the explosives around his body. He walked up to Justin and screamed "I AM THE TROLL KING!!! TROLLAH AKBAR!!!!" and destroyed the building. Justin was gravely wounded, but managed to hang onto a surviving wall. The upstairs had not been damaged too much, so Mason managed to survive.

The two Gnomes looked down the hole, everything in the chests falling with the backstabbing Troll King. They watched him fall out of the sky, and began to rebuild. It was the second great travesty of the Gnomish Union, and it went down in history. This is how it was described in Justin's personal journal:

"Chase had a erect wet dream to go to Pax East and thought Justin and Mason were also gonna go to Pax. But they decided that it was too much money to go for one weekend to circle jerk at pax. Later that morning Chase was high from sniffing Bryce’s shit and from being enraged because Mason and Justin couldn’t go to Pax that he decided to blow up Gnome Towers. He got his tnt and shat out lava on to the tower making a stench of gunpowder,shit, and lava."