The Nortmaydian Empire (also known as the Maydian Empire) is a country in the far north of Gnomalia. It is the largest country in Gnomalia, and has the second most people of the whole region, topped only by Dilexico. It has eight provinces, Halamia, Halbos, Wagia, Sarocria, Golmtaria, Dothwaria, Walmoca, Maydian Dilexico, and the Mesalican colony of Malberia. The capital is Linderb, and the country houses the headquarters of the Gnomalian Union.


The country began after the Great Division, in which the Gnomalian Nobles May and Brandon ventured away from the Kingdom of Deltland to form Maslandia and Brandonia. Maslandia was formed as a kingdom, with May becoming King May I, and the capital city being named Kingslio. He gave himself absolute power over his country, without governors to handle the different regions as the country was still quite small, being just along the Gulf of Womiama.

The country began expanding to the north and east, taking control of the Tomian peninsula, and exploring the Gulf of Maslandia. The city of Linderb was founded along the coast, and the northern frontier was established along the Sarocian Mountains.

New Beginning

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On July 7, 2017, Emperor May, President of the CSJ Justin I, VP Chase IV, and Empress of CHINa Chin I gathered at Castle Gnome to embark on the first journey into space. The four departed in the NMS Jay Jay the Jetplane, which never returned.

After the Emperor had been gone for three days, the Nortmaydian Parliament authorized Prime Minister SkyDoesMinecraft to become the acting ruler of Nortmaydia. His only role would be to keep order in a country without it's ruler, though crime did dramatically increase. After five weeks of May being gone, the Parliament allowed Jacob I, heir to the throne, to become the "Acting Emperor-Elect" of Nortmaydia, making him the new ruler in all but name. He began making major reforms in the nation, such as women's suffrage, a minimum wage, and welfare for the poor and elderly.