The Nortmaydian Empire (also known as the Maydian Empire) is a country in the far north of Gnomalia. It is the largest country in Gnomalia, and has the second most people of the whole region, topped only by Dilexico. It has eight provinces, Halamia, Halbos, Wagia, Sarocria, Golmtaria, Dothwaria, Walmoca, and the Mesalican colony of Malberia. The capital is Rasdowlium, where the headquarters of the Gnomalian Union is located.


The country began after the Great Division, in which the Gnomalian Nobles May and Brandon ventured away from the Kingdom of Deltland to form Maslandia and Brandonia. Maslandia was formed as the Kingdom of Maslandia, with May becoming King May I. He gave himself absolute power over his country, without governors to handle the different regions as the country was still quite small, being just along the coast of Wagia.

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