May I of Gnomalia was one of the founding members of the Kingdom of Deltland, who would branch off and become the King of Maslandia and the Emperor of Nortmaydia.


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May I was born on Ake Island on September 11, -716 as May Gibeon. He was born into a small village to his mother, supposedly named Merryth, though this is unclear. Early into his life, the island was raided by Trolls, who burnt down the village and killed all the villagers except for May, who managed to hide until they left.

Soon after, he was found by a traveller, who introduced himself as Justin of Hollace. Hearing his story, Justin decided to bring him along on his adventure across the seas. May agreed, as he had nothing left. The two of them crossed the vast waters, until coming to the Gulf of Chasia in Condomia. They travelled up the tall mountains through a narrow path, bringing them to meet the miner Chin.

After being kidnapped by Trolls, brought to Troll Hell, saved by the Gnomes and brought back the the real world, they fought off a group of pirates who had taken over Chase's cabin, and took their ship. Once coming to Talypa and repairing the ship, the three of them with the exclusion of Chin took to conquering the high seas, doing so over many years. Once taking over the skylands, the devastation of the Pax East Situation left them to travel to the mainland.

May become King Justin I's "Right-hand man" after the founding of the Kingdom of Deltland, but later branched off during the Great Division, travelling north with his Royal Guard. He soon came to the Gulf of Womiama, and founded the city of Kingslio, proclaiming himself King of Maslandia. He would expand the Kingdom north, covering the whole coast, then expand east. During the great expansion into the east, the diabolical Pinkarific would manage to get King May banned from his throne, leading to Juiceland fighting against her, bringing May back into power. After this event, May would make himself Emperor of Nortmaydia, which would become the whole country, while still retaining the title of King of Maslandia, which would be the western coastal regions

May would lead the country through the devastating Second Trollo-Gnomish War, barely surviving and allowing for Dolphinstan to take power. Emperor May agreed to cede some land to Dolphinstan in exchange for economic support, though this would never come. After relations being severed from Dolphinstan's cunning schemes, and losing World War Gnome, he would eventually manage to turn Emperor Sezc's words against him, getting his empire banned from Gnomalia and leading to it's eventual collapse.


May I is a fairly young Gnome,