Emperor Jacob I is the second and current emperor of the Nortmaydian Empire, succeeding May I after the New Beginning. He began instituting various liberal policies, under the discretion of Alex, who controls him from the shadows.

Early Life Edit

Jacob was born as Jacob of Dolphinstan, emigrating to the Nortmaydian Empire when he was just two. His mother and father were originally peanut farmers, soon coming to do the same in Nortmaydia. They lived in a relatively poor area, leading to Jacob becoming friends with many bad dudes. Though he hung out with many bad dudes, he never gained any drug addictions, successfully "Just saying no," and remained a relatively peaceful person.

Once entering high school, Jacob's father came down with autism and tourettes, forcing Jacob to get a job at MacDonald's in order to help pay for his medical care. He was quickly fired for being a "Fucking idiot," leaving him stuck in high school until he was sixteen. During his time in high school, he met Alex, a chick who he quickly became smitten with. Though she did not reciprocate his feelings, he consistently tried to convince her to go out with him.

During one of his public visits, Emperor May met Jacob, with Jacob attempting to share with him his "furry comics." May began harassing Jacob over this incident, but the two soon became friends. May tried to encourage Jacob to stop talking to Alex, calling her a "bad dude." Jacob refused, however, saying she was nice to him, which was untrue.

Due to May not having any children, he promised Jacob the throne upon his death, as long as he promised to cut all ties with Alex. Jacob agreed, and started being an asshole to Alex when May was near. However, he never truly cut ties with her, being unable to contain his love.