Some typical humans

A human is a 5-6 foot tall creature that inhabits Manland in the far east. They are similar to Gnomes in all but height, and speak Manish, the language of the humans. They rose up some time after the Gnomes went extinct, coming into contact with the Trolls. They fought a large-scale war with the Trolls, pushing them into the east, taking over inner Gnomalia. The humans began trading with the Skyland Gnomes, who soon abandoned the skylands after the Pax Scuffle destroyed their headquarters and means of production. The Gnomes then invaded the mainland, taking it over from the humans. The humans continued to operate in the mideast, until they were pushed to where they are now during the Vietgnome War. They now trade with the Gnomes and Trolls, and maintain a neutral stance during most if not all conflicts.

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