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This is a wiki page about everything you need to know about Gnomes United. What is Gnomes United you may be asking? On the planet of Gnomalia , there exists a land also called Gnomalia , along with some other continents. In these lands, there exist three main races: Gnomes, Trolls and humans. Humans are the same humans that you're thinking of, Gnomes are three foot tall creatures, similar to humans, while Trolls are five-six foot tall creatures with bright cyan skin, orange and yellow hair, and long fangs. Nobody knows where any of these guys came from, but it is known that humans showed up quite some time after the Trolls and Gnomes did. 

In the upper right-hand corner is a map of Gnomalia, the CHINese isles, and northern Mesalica. (This map is not finished yet, and that is why you are seeing a cartoon of three teenage girls dancing). Here you will find all of the major players of Gnomalia, including the Confederate States of Juicemony, the Nortmaydian Empire, the Empire of CHINa, the Kingdom of Samsolaria, Maco-Courtnorium, the Dilexican Kingdom, the Troll Kingdom, Manland, the Confederation of Brevaria, and the Anime Kingdom.

There is a long and complicated history to Gnomalia, some of which even we don't understand. There is a lot of drama and time-skippiness to keep track of, but we try our hardest to give you everything you could ever want and more. And yes, everything. Feel free to add whatever you want to the wiki, however, you cannot edit official lore pages, and your page will not immediately become canon. The page will have to be approved first, and then we'll add a little thing at the top saying it's canon. If you want your page to be canon, all you have to do it write it, and eventually when we come across it and if we like it, we'll canonize it. Sound good? Alright. 

Below is a typical Gnome, Troll, and human, respectively.  You can read the official lore here

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