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This is a wiki page about everything you need to know about Gnomes United. What is Gnomes United you may be asking? Read the explanation here

Somewhere here is a map of Gnomalia, the CHINese isles, and northern Mesalica. Here you will find all of the major players of Gnomalia, including the Confederate States of Juicemony, the Nortmaydian Empire, the Empire of CHINa, the Kingdom of Samsolaria, Maco-Courtnorium, the Dilexican Kingdom, the Troll Kingdom, Manland, etc.

There is a long and complicated history to Gnomalia, some of which even we don't understand. There is a lot of drama and time-skippiness to keep track of, but we try our hardest to give you everything you could ever want and more. And yes, everything. Sound good? Alright. 

Below is a typical Gnome, Troll, and human, respectively.  You can read the official lore here

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