The Dilexican Kingdom is a country in Middle Gnomalia, east of Juicemony and south of Trollatia, with Dilexico City as it's capital.


The kingdom first began as a sand mining colony, owned collectively by Maslandia, Juiceland and Brandonia. Later, the city of Dilexico City (at the time called Dilestan) was founded in a large pit as a keep for Gnomalian prisoners. Eventually, the area was allowed to elect a governor every five years to give them some autonomy. After Dyranitus McBumBum was elected as the third governor, he proclaimed himself King of Dilexico. The Gnomes began an invasion of Dilexico, but were unable to enter the capital as the Dilexicans built a massive wall around it. The Gnomes soon recognized Dyran as King, and relations quickly improved.

Flag of Gnomalian Dilexico

Civil Ensign during Gnomalian Rule


Flag of Dilexico 2

Royal Standard

The Kingdom is run directly by the King, who has supreme authority over everything. He appoints an advisory counsel to assist him on matters he does not understand, which is often. He appoints local governors to govern each city and region, but they can only act with the King's approval.


The official currency of Dilexico is the Juicemon Alechip, as a remnant of Gnomalian control. It is the same in every way to the Juicemon Alechip of Juicemony, tying the economies of the two countries together. Dilexico's main export is sand, but they also have large deposits of clay, rock, oil, sugar, and strawberry watermelon drink mix. Many of the citizens get work visas to work in Gnomalia for little pay, leading to rampant illegal immigration. President Justin of the Confederate States of Juicemony later banned any Dilexican immigration or visas, and worked to deport all Dilexicans.


Dilexico's army is the smallest of Gnomalia, with the exception of Macland. They have a maximum of 250,000 soldiers, including all reserve and national guard forces. The army has a minimum of 25,000 and up to 50,000 troops, the reserves are from 10,000 to 100,000 troops, the National Guard has from 5,000 to 70,000 troops, and the rest belong to the small Dilexican Navy, used to protect merchant ships.


Dilexico is almost entirely desert, with only one major river starting a little ways away from Dilexico City, going through into the Samish Swampland, which connects to the Gulf of Deltland via the Green River. (finish)