Not to be confused with the People's Republic of CHINa

The CHINese Empire was an absolute monarchy that encompassed the whole of the CHINese Isles. The country was ruled by Empress Chin I, who despite the title was male. The country would survive from the end of the Great Pirate War to the New Beginning, where it would meet it's end in the CHINese Civil War and establishment of the People's Republic of CHINa.

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The CHINese Isles are the isles including and surrounding the continent of Condomia, the main landmass of CHINa and the location of the capital and most big cities.

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The name "CHINa" comes from it's first leader, Chin I, meaning literally "Land of Chin." The letter i in the name is pronounced with a short i such as in the word "Sit" or "Stupid Fat Bitch." This is extenuated by the "CHIN" part of the name being capitalized while the a is not. When the name is capitalized, such as on maps, it is correct to spell it normally as "CHINA," but many will simply draw an x above the i in both capitalized and uncapitalized spellings.

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CHINa is an absolute monarchy, with Chin I being not only "Emperor of all the CHINas" but King of Condomia and King of all the CHINese Isles. Chin has absolute power over every single government function, without any form of legislature or council. The only group of higher-ups in the government are the military, with Chin electing generals to preside over military functions.

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Notable Article: Great Pirate War

After Chin, Justin and May set out to fight in the Great Pirate War, Chase stayed behind in Condomia and founded the Kingdom of Chasia. He took over the inner north coast, developing it while the war was happening. Once the war was won, May and Justin began their journey to the Skylands, with Chin planning to create his own independent kingdom.

He returned to the CHINese Isles, meeting with Chase, informing him of said recent events. Chase, with his kingdom beginning to fall into famine, abdicated the throne, naming Chin as his heir. Chase departed for the skylands, and Chin began to grow his kingdom. He completely dismantled Chase's old kingdom and rebuilt it from the ground up. He abolished the lower houses of control, making himself absolute dictator of all the kingdom. He began the process to raise an army, planning to force the farmers to produce more to diminish the oncoming famine.

Once the kingdom had stabilized for the time being, Chin began expanding. He began

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