Throughout Gnomalian history, the concept of currency and banking has taken many forms. I will describe that. Okay.



The first universal Gnomalian currency came in the form of the Gnomish Alechip, created with the formation of the Kingdom of Gnomalia. They were based on ale-chips found around the area, which were drops of ginger ale that were buried underground and later hardened into small pieces. These were used as currency in some small forms in different villages, but were found to be unreliable once people realized you could make however many you wanted just by pouring ginger ale into the ground and waiting a while.

The Gnomalian Alechip was instead a gold token, inscribed with the face of Chinese Justin and the phrase "Apology Accepted." This proved to be a very effective currency, but it did not last for very long, as the Troll Empire soon destroyed the kingdom and pillaged every last alechip. The Trolls did not have a set currency at this time, and so most of the coins were melted down to be used for other purposes. The only chips that have been found are currently in the Museum of Gnomalia in Wowburg, Juicemony. 

The Troll Empire would take a hundred years to finally adopt an official currency, the Trollian Breakfast, where they would cook a delicious breakfast and trade it for goods. This proved to be a huge pain in the fucking ass however, so it was replaced with the Second Trollian Breakfast, which was simply a gold or silver coin with a picture of a delicious breakfast engraved onto it. 

With the return of the Gnomes to Gnomalia, they began trading gold and silver as currency. The Kingdom of Deltland soon created the Bank of Deltland, where they would keep peoples' gold and silver safe in return for bills that could be traded in at any time. This would bring Deltland into a short golden age, before the Great Divide, when people throughout Deltland began demanding their gold and silver en masse. It was soon discovered that there were far too many bills to cover the small amount of metal in the bank, causing the bank to crash.

Gold and silver continued to be the currency of the Gnomalian nations, not needing a central bank. This would last all the way until the Second Trollo-Gnomish War, when the Gnomalian nations were heavily in need to economic support. This would lead to the rise of Dolphinstan, who promised to help them as long as they adopted a central bank. The Gnomes agreed, allowing Dolphinstan to create the First Bank of Gnomalia, a central bank for the entire Gnomalian Union.